The Laodecian Church

September 10, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

The Laodecian Church Revelation 3:14-18 Intro: Laodicea was 45 miles southeast of Philadelphia and 90 miles east of Ephesus. It was a wealthy city with thriving banks, a textile industry, and a medical school. The city was also known for its sparse water supply. All of these characteristics are played upon in Christ’s message to the church in our text today. 15–18. References to Christ as the Amen (meaning “The True One”), the Faithful and True Witness, and the Beginning (meaning “The First Place” or “The Ruler”) of God’s creation indicate that the lethargic Laodicean church (vv. 15–18) should pay close attention to His words. This church is alive and well today and just as lethargic perhaps more so.

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