The Greatness Of America

July 05, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

I ran into this article by Randy Wilson of “America is a country founded by individuals. They came to America with the desire to have the freedom to worship the God of the Bible and that God might be the guiding light in their lives. It was not an existing nation ruled by a king, czar, dictator, or any other power. America was a colony of Great Britain, but also functioned as a separate entity. They realized that a distant government did not have their interests at heart. They came to understand the burden of being subjects to tyrannical rule. By significantly limiting the rights of individuals in the New World, the ruling class elite in Britain failed to understand the needs of their subjects. Individuals were shunned and ridiculed in their homeland and sought a better life for themselves and their families. They knew they could not find it under any government that existed at that time. The citizenry eventually came to a compromise on the path forward. A document called the Mayflower compact led to the declaration of independence and ultimately to the constitution of the United States.

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