The Greatest Comeback Of All Time

February 13, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

This is one of the greatest combacks found anywhere in Scripture. Of which there are many. Jesus Christ IS coming back. Israel made three comebacks. Egyptian Slavary, Babylonian captivity and 1948 after the holocaust. And one to come at the return of Christ! Habakkuk had faced the frightening fact that his nation would be invaded by a merciless enemy. The prophet knew that many of the people would go into exile and many would be killed. The land would be ruined, and Jerusalem and the temple would be destroyed. Yet he told God that he would trust Him no matter what were to happen. A man spent his life running from God living only for himself and his wants and desires. One day he lost everything he had….. his wealth, his family, and his home. Then God told him…Now do I have your full attention? Sometimes Christians can lose their wealth, their family, and their home. What is God telling them? Yes you lost these things, you suffered great pain and loss, but I’m giving you a comeback better than you could ever imagine and you will glorify my name through it all! That’s today message from Habakkuk!

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