The Godly Vs The Ungodly

May 02, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

Why anyone would want to be Ungodly is puzzling. People are ungodly for basically two reasons. Some are ignorant and the rest don’t want any part of God. God loves them. God sent Jesus to die for them and give them eternal life and peace and they don’t want that? That’s correct. They want to rule their own lives and be the master of their own fate. They want to sin, they love their sin and will not give it up. John Milton’s Paradise Lost book 2 quoted Satan as saying “I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.” Who said anyone would rule in hell by the way? Satan isn’t ruling in hell he is headed for the lake of Fire in the very near future. The Bible doesn’t say anything about a king of hell or the lake of fire. People are just deceived or ignorant about their future.

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