The Day Of The Lord

February 10, 2019
Pastor Jack Ward

The Bible has a phrase that John used. “little Children this is the last time.” The time of the church is God’s last dispensation or work that He will do on this earth. This is God’s work in the world. Creation, the flood, disbursing at Babel, Abrahamic covenant, the law, the land, the prophets and kings, then the new covenant with the church. After the church was established, Israel was scattered from the land. The last days, is the church age and it also includes the number one sign that the church age is almost over..…..the return of Israel to their land. Next up is the last of the last days…….the day of the Lord…..beginning with the rapture, then the tribulation and then the millennium and judgment. The Day of the Lord is His time. That’s why it’s called the day of the Lord. It is the consummation of the ages. God is wrapping everything up and putting an end to sin and the rebellion of man. It’s a good day for some and a horrible day for many. It’s the beginning of the end. You see when the game is in the last minute everything suddenly changes. It gets more intense. Your opponent knows time is short and they will do everything they can to win. The enemy of our faith sees the time on the clock is running down. He is doing everything he can to defeat Christ’s church and destroy Israel and deceive the rest of mankind. It’s a day that I believe is going to be here very shortly.

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