February 19, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

No one believes in the rapture much anymore. And that makes no sense especially when we are obviously in the last of the last days. But people have been subverted within by the media and by the lack of Biblical preaching to ignorance about the rapture and the end times. We know times are bad but we don’t know WHY times are bad. We know things will get better if we just get the right people in charge. And that would be the leftists and Marxists. Scoffing at the Bible and Bible prophecy is the norm today. I’m glad we are having pockets of revival. I know we have a few consistent and faithful remnant Bible believing and Bible preaching churches in the world today. Who faithfully meet each week and pray together, teach the word and preach the world without any fan fare or media attention. They are faithful without the flare. Scoffers ignore these churches. Biblical scoffers ignore three obvious things to their own peril.

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