Saint's or Aint's

July 12, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

This day we live in is full of hypocrisy and deceit. Just as Jesus said it would be in the last days. What celebrity today is really what they say they are? What politician today is what they really say they are? There is so much confusion as people flip flopping back and forth on their morals and their beliefs. All of sudden in the last four years everyone has become racists. All of sudden everyone in the last four years has become homophobic. Explain something to me…..Everyone believes the government lies to them. Everyone believes that! Everyone even the most wicked believes that God cannot and will not lie. Yet we believe the government and what they tell us about CCP virus and fail to listen to the word of God when He says to forsake not the assembling of ourselves together! The Bible we are either in or out believer or not a believer, saved or lost. There is no waffling and going back and forth. You are either a saint or an aint!

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