Right Living In A Wicked World

May 21, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

5-21-2023 Daniel 1: 17-21 Right Living In A Wicked World Intro: Nebuchadnezzar was king over Babylon. The Jews were led in captivity there. Daniel and his three friends Shadrack, Meshak and Aded-nego were brought before the king as the best of the best of the captive Jews. The king was going to train them in all the ways of the Babylonians. That included the kings food. Daniel and his friends would not eat those things that were considered unclean to them according to Jewish law. Daniel told the prince of the Eunichs that he would not defile himself with the kings meat and wine. Melzar the prince of the Eunichs had a soft spot for Daniel and his friends and agreed to let the Hebrew children eat pulse and water for ten days. After the ten days they reported to the king and they were more healthy than the kings best men. They proved that right living in a wicked world can put us in a bad spot but it will always turn out good for God’s people. Genesis 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good…..

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