Rest For The Weary

July 12, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

American’s are weary with all this CCP virus stuff. It is a proven fact that masks do not help. The mask material is not small enough to stop the smaller virus particles from going through. That is a fact that no one disputes. It is just a mind control thing that causes us all to fear. Seeing masks on people subconsciously causes us to fear and that is what the devil wants to instill fear and conditioning in people. Contact tracing is next. God forbid that you would ever get the virus. Not that you will die, or that you would even get very sick but you will be marked for life! Then next is the vaccine and immunity passports that shows you have been vaccinated and it is an RFI chip put under your skin preferably between your thumb and first finger. Now we have run out of coins and many businesses are no longer taking cash. So soon you cannot by or sell unless you have a credit card and soon it will be a RFI chip under your skin. See we are being socially conditioned for all these lies.

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