Only One

March 21, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

The world is full of chaos. I’ve said this many times before. The devil wants to divide. We are the most divided at any time on this planet. We are divided morally. We are divided spiritually. We divided politically. We are divided racially. The devil wants to confuse. We don’t what is right and wrong anymore. The devil wants to cause Chaos. What are all the protest’s about? To cause chaos. We can change our gender at any time. Why? To cause chaos. Why the election laws are changing? To cause Chaos. The devil wants to lie. We don’t know who is telling the truth anymore. But God has told us He cannot lie, His word is truth and His Son is the way and the truth. So, if we want to know the only One who has all of the answers to all of our questions, we need look only to the only one. Jesus Christ!!!

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