Nothing New

April 03, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

: Nothing new under the sun means a repeat of the things that have already been. Satan has great wisdom but he only does the same things over again why? Because it works! Man can be deceived and man can be lured into sin by the same old tricks. Mystery Babylon is man trying to be God or take God’s place. Exactly what Satan did as we will see later. Man is doomed to repeat history if he does not learn from history. How can we be so stupid? It’s not that we are stupid…. it’s that we have only one goal…to be our own god and replace the God of creation. Mystery Babylon is the embodiment the ultimate plan to replace God with man. It has many times reared it’s ugly head in the Bible. And of course it would. It is Satan’s ultimate plan that never changes it only takes on different characters and different paths.

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