Mystery Babylon part three

August 14, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

There is a spiritual Babylon in called “Mystery Babylon the great” of Revelation 17:5 and a commercial Babylon in Revelation Chapter 18 called “that Great city Babylon.” All taking their cues from the center of satanic work in the world…. Babylon in Genesis Chapter 11. Spiritual Babylon I believe is the Roman Catholic Church. Commercial Babylon nobody knows who it is. Is it a literal Babylon being built? It doesn’t seem likely. Is it the United States? I don’t know. But I have come to believe it could be the United States of America! But I am far from an expert in this….This is just my humble opinion. Could it be the elites of the world with their system? I don’t know. No one exports more goods and more evil than the United States. The dollar is still the world currency of trade. We export same sex marriage, homosexuality, Abortion, Child trafficking, pornography, gambling and now we are exporting Atheism.

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