Man's Dilemma and God's Answer

June 23, 2019
Pastor Jack Ward

: If a man ignores the warnings and slips away from the safety and constraints of the railing and the tour group. He goes too far and slips and falls into the raging waters. Now he is heading down the river and about to go over Niagra Falls…he is is a major dilemma. He needs Rescued and fast. His own wandering heart, lack of attention and stupidity has gotten him in trouble. I admire first responders. The firemen, EMT’s, Police, military. They specialize in saving lives. Most of the time they save stupid people. That’s just the facts. People go too far, don’t pay attention or try stupid stunts. It’s funny we pay professional ball players 31 million a year to play with people, and we pay first responders 31,000 a year to save people. We worship ball players and throw rocks at first responders. We praise ball players and curse first responders. Every human is in a major dilemma with God. We have ignored God’s warnings, we have left the safety and constraints He has given us and now we have gotten in big trouble with God. We need rescued. We are all headed for disaster that will destroy us.

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