Important Births In The Bible

May 14, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

5/14/2023 1 Thessalonians 5:3 Important Births In The Bible Intro: I was going to preach about why I believe in a pretribulation rapture this morning. But that message is too big for one sermon I found out. So instead I’m going to talk about births. Wives and mothers are unique to only humans made in God’s image. Of the trillions of the hosts of heaven there is only females among humans made in the image of God. Eve was the very first woman. The hosts of heaven had never seen anything like this before. The woman was amazing and beautiful and desirous. The angels desired a wife also……. like Adam had. So, some left their first estate and had got them some wives. God cursed those unions with the flood. So ladies ever since Eve came around you have garnered a lot of attention. Did you ever think that angels don’t have mothers. Adam did not have a mother. How blessed we are today to have a mother! Someone to call mom! I know that some women can give birth but that does not make a mother. I hope you had a mother to thank God for. I know I did!

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