How To Do Well In Life

February 09, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

This is the first of two inspired letters Paul wrote to his beloved son in the faith Timothy. Paul wrote 1 Timothy from Macedonia (in A.D. 62 or 63). He sent the letter to Timothy, whom he had left at Ephesus. He wrote to encourage Timothy in his responsibilities for overseeing the work of the Ephesian church and possibly the other churches of the province of Asia. It is possible that he wrote this epistle from Philippi after being released from his first imprisonment at Rome. In this epistle to the young pastor Timothy. He exhorts Timothy to guard against false doctrine, protect public worship, and develop mature leadership. Much of the epistle deals with the nature of pastoral conduct, including the qualifications of a bishop (pastor), as a true teacher of God’s Word. Practical directions for elders and for widows are also given in detail.

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