Hope For Americans

July 03, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

: It’s not going good for America. But it is going well for those American’s who are trusting in Jesus Christ. We are seeing the beginning of the end of the age. The church age is almost over. That doesn’t cause us to be sad….but should cause us to rejoice for our redemption is drawing nigh! America has been a shining light to the worl….d not because of our goodness. But because God used us. We supported the rebirth of Israel. We have sent more missionaries than all nations combined in human history! We have published and printed more Bibles than all the other nations put together times 100! We have more churches than all the other nations put together times 100! We are founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Far from perfect, we have many flaws, but our ideals were based on the liberty of man found only in Jesus Christ! But alas our great American nation is going to fall and that is certain. But our great God will never leave American’s without hope. Hope in the Lord is stedfast, sure and certain to occur.

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