Gods Woodshed

June 27, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

: I don’t know how many of us were literally taken to a woodshed to be spanked. But all of us have been spanked a few times in our lives as children. At least I hope you have. All of us need to be disciplined as children. In fact I have been disciplined by my mother and my father, by most of my employers, my bosses at the Postal Service, My wife, my church, by my doctors and by the government. In fact, as I look back I guess I have been disciplined most of my life! But it did me good because I used it for motivation not discouragement! Now God tells us that He disciplines His children. Of course, He would…. because discipline is for correction……. except for your parents. I think they got a kick out of torturing us. My friend’s father said he hit him like hitting a baseball…….for distance! But anyway. God only disciplines for correction unless you have ignored His discipline and then it becomes punishment. Remember Achan? Anninias and Sapphira? But rejoice in the fact that God only disciplines HIS children

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