Gods Valentine

February 14, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

Today is valentines day. Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring Saint Valentine. He was Roman Eastern Othodox Church and was either a priest or a bishop who ministered to persecuted Christians in the 3rd century. He performed Chrsitian weddings allowing the husbands to escape conscription in to the pagan Roman Army. He was arrested by Roman authorities. But Emperor Claudius of Rome liked Valentine until Valentine tried to convert him to Christs he was enraged. He was martyred for his faith on February 14, 269. It was his note that he wrote the night before his execution for refusing to deny Christ that inspired the masses. He wrote it to the daughter of the judge Asterius who put him to death and signed it “your Valentine.” It is the fourth most popular Holiday in the United States. You know it has become a very big holiday. No one can be born and live and die without someone loving them. Their creator and sustainer of Life the Lord Jesus Christ loves us. For God so loved the world He sent us His valentine the Lord Jesus Christ as proof of His love.

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