God Is For Us

June 12, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

Klaus Swabb and the globalists elite are evil. Klaus Swabb sounds like a James Bond movie villain. It’s so strange. But anyway…they want us to die. They want to get rid of freedom. They want to get rid of people. They want to depopulate. That’s not conspiracy that is fact! They want us to do the will of the UN-Elected rich and powerful of the world. Their policies are the policies of death. To kill children, kill adults and to enslave the masses. This is real…….people. They are destroying our infrastructure, they are destroying our health, they are destroying our families. They are doing things so evil it is beyond what men can think of. This plan too sophisticated for mere men to have come up with. This is evil from the depths of hell. Many atheists are starting to think this way now when they see this level of evil we are now facing. They are believing this wickedness can only lead them to believe that God is real and some are even coming to faith in Jesus Christ! But WE who know Jesus Christ are not to fear or give in to these wicked people. For God is on our side!

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