Encouragement For The Believer

September 25, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

We all need encouragement in this times that we live. We don’t know what going to happen tomorrow but we know who holds tomorrow. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring… but we know who knows will bring tomorrow. What do those people do without hope in Jesus Christ? We know what they do. We see it everyday….they do drugs, alcohol, lying, murder, revenge, homosexuality, transgenderism, communism, hate, cheating, stealing, pedolphilia, self righteousness, self determination, fighting, war and adultery. So people without Jesus Christ stay very busy so they don’t have to think about God and their accountability to Him. But we who are Christians are swimming against a stream flowing full of this wickedness. We need to know if it is worth it to keep on for Christ? Is it going to be worth it all?

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