Dividing Israel Will Get You In Trouble

October 23, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

Eye to Eye is Bill Koenig's 576 page ‘expanded’ in depth study of the consequences to those who attempt to divide God's covenant land from the Perfect Storm in 1993 to Hurricane Ian this year. We cannot mess with God’s chosen land and His chosen people. Who are the apple of His eye and the land of promise. The city of God is Jerusalem. The only eternal city is Jerusalem. No other people, no other place, no other city has God claimed as His own. The church is the bride of Christ, Israel is His chosen, His elect, His heritage, His people, and His vessel of blessing to this sin filled world. Israel is the physical representative of God. Israel is the billboard of God’s existence. Israel is the physical proof of God. The church is the spiritual evidence and proof of God. The Church operates in the spiritual. Faith and trust in what we cannot see with our eyes…the Lord Jesus Christ. Israel is the physical manifestation of God’s working upon this world. Israel and Jerusalem. The church is the spiritual working of God in this world. Faith and trust. So the bottom line is that dividing Israel will get you in big trouble with God.

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