Christmas For Job

December 18, 2022
Pastor Jack Ward

No person has had more and then lost more than Job. Job was having a great life until Satan intervened and made….. with God’s permission his life a living hell with death and destruction and disaster. But God turned Job’s disaster into victory in the end. The world was in a disaster. Creation, the fall, the flood, the tower of Babel dispersion. It was a mess. Then God re-introduced Himself through a people called the Hebrews and sent them to a land called Israel. Then Israel rebelled. God moved and in the fullness of time brought a Savior who was born of a virgin. The God-man. The Lamb of God who died to pay our sin debt to a holy God. Sinful man can be born again. Job experienced the new birth. Christmas is a new birth. Christmas is a celebration of peace with God and the joy it brings us. You could say that in chapter 42 Job had a Great Christmas.

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