Be Rapture Ready

April 19, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

Rapture is one of my favorite web sites. It is informative, Interesting, uplifting, and incredible! Great articles. There are other great sites. There are many millions I hope who believe in the Biblical teaching of the rapture. Some of our favorite preachers believe it and preach it and have written books about it. Charles Stanley teaches it. David Jeremiah teaches it. Adrian Rogers taught it. Billy Graham taught it. Franklin Graham teaches it. Greg Laurie preaches it. Jack Hibbs, Jack Graham, David Reagan, Dave Hunt, Amir Sarfati, and most, if not all study Bibles teach it! I could go on and on and on. The things is…. if Jesus is coming for us… then It can be at any time. The Bible gives passages about the timing and things prior to the second Coming of Christ at the end of the Tribulation. But nothing is said about the timing of the rapture. He can come for His church at any moment.

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