Be Like Othniel

October 04, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

Using Oth-ni-el as an example, I want us to see what happens when we are surrendered to God, Faithful to God and make ourselves available to God and allow His Spirit to work in our lives. The Spirit hasn't changed. If He produced a masterpiece in Oth-ni-el, he can inside of us as well. There are five things that happen when we become like Oth-ni-el Faithful and available. 1. If You Are like Oth-ni-el God Will Use You - 2. If You are like Oth-ni-el you Will filled with the Spirit - 3. If you are like Oth-ni-el you will Influence others 4. If you are like Oth-ni-el you will Be victorious 5. If You are Like Oth-ni-el you will have Peace -

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