Are You Turning To Or Turning Away From The Truth?

December 26, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

There is no fence sitting anymore. You are either for the truth or against the truth. As we end 2021 where will you stand in 2022? Will you stand for the truth of God or the lies of the devil. No middle ground on Jesus. You are either for Him or against Him. To ignore Him is to be against Him. To follow Him is to adore Him. The last two years we have seen some things we never thought we would see and do. I’m not going to rehash the last two years, you’ve been here you know what’s going on. Will it get better in 2022? Maybe. Probably not. The Bible says that evil men shall wax worse and worse. People will be buying and selling and marrying and giving in marriage in 2022. No one will expect it when the Lord comes for us. Is that because times are so good or that no one is looking for the rapture anymore? I’m beginning to think that no one is looking for Jesus. No one wants to know Biblical truth anymore especially pastors and preachers. Are you turning away from or turning to truth?

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