A Lawyer Gets Saved

August 30, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

I’m not going to get into any lawyer jokes. We have some very good lawyers in our community. Praise God we have those who are from the liberty foundation, and Jay Sekulow, and many others who are defending the rights of believers all over this country mostly for free. Remember the famous lawyer who decided He was going to destroy the Bible with his expertise in arguments and ability to find evidence. Well one week after he started his case, he too became a Christian. The evidence he discovered very quickly pointed to Jesus being exactly who He said He was. And it was then that He decided that “I needed Him to save even me.” Lawyers are necessary because people need help in determining legal matters and the right course of action legally. We have laws so that society can function orderly and peacefully. God established laws Himself. The laws of nature, the laws of physics, and the law Moses. Only one of those has God done away with. The law of Moses was given to be fulfilled in one person. Once that was done the law is no longer needed. It is still useful for instruction and guidance but it is not necessary for our salvation and our walk with God. How did that happen? We shall see….

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