050PS-111019-ARNOLD--How to Spot an Apostate (2 Peter 2 10-16 - No 18 of Series)

Series: Hope for Today's Suffering Saints - 1st & 2nd Peter

November 11, 2019
Pastor Terry... Nov 10, 2019 (Note: Bob Fry's teaching on GENESIS(Jacob) "Wrestling for a Blessing Which He Already Had - Part One" was not recorded due to recorder malfunction...

NOTICE: Our audio recorder malfunctioned this week and the Sunday School teaching by Bob Fry that preceded the Pastor's teaching was not recorded. Bob's excellent lesson was GENESIS (Jacob): Wrestling for a Blessing He Already Had - Part One (Genesis 30:25-43 through Genesis 31:44-51)... How, Bob did a summary of Part One on Nov 17, 2019, as wll as all of Part Two.

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