Anoint Yourself With Oil - Nov 23

Series: November Daily Devotional

November 20, 2023
Pastor Reena

Mark 6:13 “They cast out many demons, and anointed many with oil who were sick and healed them.”

Episode Notes

Declaration Prayer

Heavenly Father, as I anoint myself today, I command every yoke of darkness in my life to be destroyed. I declare total

freedom for myself and family this day. I command the power of God to move in my body and enforce my freedom. By this anointing, I proclaim that my healing is signed and sealed; my healing is verified and confirmed. I speak into the spirit world now: hear the Word of the LORD ye powers of the air, land, and sea, whoever the Son sets free is free indeed. Jesus has set me free, so I am free, indeed. I declare, according to 2Corinthians 2:14, that God causes me to triumph in Christ and makes manifest His grace, knowledge, and power through my life and family. In Christ, I have the fullness of life. I have the fullness of victory. I have the fullness of health. I have the fullness of prosperity, in Jesus name. Amen.

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