This Podcast is dedicated to help you discover the truth found within Scripture. This is a teaching Podcast, and video Series, created to help you find answers to your Spiritual and Biblical questions? I have spoken with many people who feel timid about asking questions in Church. I have also listened to why they feel that way, but will not go into that here. Here, at the Moriah Center, we encourage you to write in with your questions? I have a special email set up just for that, you can find it on My Website. Over the centuries, Biblical concepts and teachings have been skewed into such a way that there are over 30,000 different Christian denominations. Each one professing to be the truth. Many have said, "well the Bible is open to interpretation" What if I told you the Bible will interpret itself and this is why the Body of Christ can be ineffective, weak, full of doubt, and open to "interpretation" . This process makes truth "relative" and relative truth cannot be true, This is how the Fall of man and Civilization occurs throughout Scripture. We will get into that in this channel. This Channel is dedicated to helping you discover the TRUTH as FOUND IN SCRIPTURE. It is Not about tickling your ears, and just making you feel good. Real Peace and Joy comes from understanding, the WORD OF GOD, and how it is unfolding i your life today. It is designed to help you discover how to study the Bible for yourself. This is not about "CHURCHIANITY" and RELIGION. IT is about YOU and your RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR CREATOR, THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT, BROUGHT FORTH TO US BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, JESUS CHRIST. Here is a short list of topics and series. Audio Podcast: Daily Devotionals Gods Promises, You were created for Greatness Frequently asked questions. and more ..... Thee are video teaching Series coming soon: Journey through the Wilderness Discovering the Love of God Sin is NOT the ENEMY The Image of God The Seed of the Woman Paul's Great Mystery The Christian and the Conspiracy Theorists plus many More..... Best of all. Through this site and my other site, I will be scheduling office hours, for those would would like speak in person. Whether you need encouragement, or would like to ask me question, or have a conversation. I will also be doing some online meetings, TBA. where we can all get together. Take care, May God Bless You, and I look forward to Serving you in the Near Future.

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