The Identity Crisis Mission

Self Destructing Through Survival

The truth is, we self destruct. Yes we have an enemy, Satan, but the only thing he can really do to us is influence us, however, the execution of the self-detonating decisions is all on us. Due to self preservation and survival, it tends to be incredibly difficult for us to stick to one course of action or lifestyle, because everything comes with difficulties and discomfort. To avoid these difficulties, we often jump from lifestyle to lifestyle, one foot in, one foot out. Before you know it, we have our lives on eight different train tracks and they will, as always, collide. The goal of this ministry is to reveal the contradicting or conflicting ideas we are blind to that keep sabotaging every effort we put out. It will all boil down to and thorough walk with Jesus. This is our podcast: The Identity Crisis Mission. TAKE A LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE