Series: The Spiritual Vital Signs of a Christian Marriage

October 16, 2021
Rev Jimmie Hicks, Jr.

The Spiritual Vital Signs of a Christian Marriage equips you to take a pulse of your marriage in order to ensure it doesn’t fail. Marriage is a pillar of society, and it is also the relationship God uses to display His nature, His design, and His love for humanity. Yet, too often, we fall into what we believe is “love” and then wrongly think seedling love will be able to carry us through a life-long commitment. As our marital relationship continues, we forget to routinely check its spiritual vital signs—which in turn leads to a broken, dysfunctional, or failed marriage. But God shows us a better way. Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hicks Jr. is the founder of Start Right Ministries and has been involved with countless ministries in various capacities throughout his life. He has been married to his wife, Lynda, for thirty-one years and is passionate about seeing marriages thrive the way God designed. From Rev. Dr. Hicks’ years of experience walking in Jesus’ abundant life with his wife, you’ll learn: The value of spiritual vital signs in assessing the health of your marriage The different types of power and how they benefit marriage The characteristics of true love from God’s Word The roles within marriage as defined by God God’s plan for marriage At the end of each chapter, workbook sections and action points will help you assess the vital signs in your marriage. The fleeting romance portrayed in the world will never be enough to sustain your marriage through all the ups and downs of life. But God, through His Holy Spirit, offers you the strength for a successful marriage! Buy a copy of The Spiritual Vital Signs of a Christian Marriage today, on AMAZON.COM and you’ll be equipped to take a pulse of your marriage and to ensure it doesn’t fail.

Episode Notes

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