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Fall Revival

Title Speaker Date
The Sin of Our Silence Rev Brent Gabbard August 22, 2020
What's the Price for the Power Brent Gabbard August 16, 2020
What Are We Overlooking? Rev Brent Gabbard August 15, 2020
Business as Unusual Rev Brent Gabbard August 09, 2020
The Everlasting Love of God Rev Brent Gabbard August 08, 2020
The Business of Souls Rev John Brock June 07, 2020
Somewhere Between Laban and Esau Rev John Brock June 06, 2020
Don't Stay There too Long Rev John Brock May 31, 2020
Taking Spiritual Inventory Rev John Brock May 30, 2020
A Real Move of God Rev John Brock May 24, 2020

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