You Were made to Thrive 2018

Series: Devotions

May 06, 2018
Douglas Huff

For all of who are graduating from school I want to say congratulations and God bless you. I hope you know that the God of all creation made you to thrive and to accomplish great things. I Challenge you to find the high hill that God has for you and then go climb it. Do not let the world form you in its image. A habit of great people is that they do not imitate mediocre people. The Bible says;“Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate," (2 Cor 6:17) If you are going to thrive you have to stand out from the world. If you are going to impact the world you have to refuse to blend in with the world. Eagles don’t roost with chickens and chickens don’t soar high above the world. You were made to soar. Here are some things you must know if you are going to stand out from the world

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