The goal of this podcast is always to give simple messages of hope and encouragement. My reward is simply knowing that God can use this podcast to touch the lives of people I may never meet. I have no way of knowing who is listening nor is that important. However I know that it is possible for the P.E.M. podcast to be heard anywhere that the internet can go. For this reason I wish to ask a favor of you. If you have listened to the podcast would you please let me know where you are listening from? Just send me message saying something like, " I am listening from------". You can post to the Pavement Ends Ministry Facebook page, find me on LinkedIn or email me at Thank you, please keep listening and tell your friends about The Pavement Ends Ministry podcast. To God be the glory. Douglas Huff From Down Where The Pavement Ends

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Recent Devotionals

Title Speaker Date
Who Are You?
Series: Devotions
Douglas Huff November 29, 2021
Thanksgiving Day
Series: Devotions
Douglas Huff November 21, 2021
Upside Down World
Series: Devotions
Douglas Huff November 14, 2021
Veterans Day 21
Series: Devotions
Douglas Huff November 07, 2021
The Crime that Jesus Committed
Series: Devotions
Douglas Huff October 31, 2021

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