Unshakable Part 8

Series: Unshakable

March 19, 2017
Pastor Steve Schulze

Unshakable: 10 Part Series When your world is shaken up, what will you do? How you thrive no matter what is thrown your way!

Episode Notes

Sunday, March 19, 2017 “Unshakable” - Part 8

When people work against you...what do you do?

Text: Daniel 6:1-28

Why did Daniel keep getting promoted at work? 1. His professional competency made him stand out. Dainel 6:3 2. His personal character made him stand out. Daniel 6:4 3. His public commitment to God made him stand out. Daniel 6:5

The Conspiracy: Liongate? Daniel 6:6-9

How did Daniel respond to the new test? Daniel 6:10-11

Why was Daniel unafraid to stand out and speak up for God? 1. He remembered that God had been faithful in past tests. 2. He had a conversation with God 3 times a day. 3. He knew the rewards were greater than the risk.

How I benefit every time I stand for God: 

1. Standing for God is a victory over fear. - pray like the first Christians: Acts 4:29

2. Standing for God builds my faith and character. - 2 Timothy 1:8 

3. Standing for God gives God an opportunity to do a miracle. -Daniel 6:19-23 

4. Standing for God encourages other believers to stand up. - Philippians 1:14 

5. Standing for God is a powerful example to us believers. - Acts 4:13 -Daniel 6:25-28 

6. Standing for God will be rewarded in eternity -Matthew 5:11-12 

Will you stand strong for God publicly?

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