The Book of Ruth Part 2

Series: Wisdom from a Little Lady - A Study of the Book of Ruth

November 05, 2017
Pastor Steve Schulze

Wisdom from a Little Lady - A Study of the Book of Ruth

Episode Notes

Sunday, November 5, 2017 Part 2

Text: Ruth 2:1-23

Two more principles that are liberating to our lives 1. The value of being a good listener 2. Purposed favor

The Value of Being A Good Listener James 1:19 1. Quick to LISTEN 2. Slow to SPEAK 3. Slow to become ANGRY

Listening involves more than your ears Intent - Attention - Not Distracted

While you are listening are you…

1. Thinking about what you are going to say when they stop talking?

2. Filtering the other person’s remarks through your own opinion and needs?

3. Easily distracted by outside noise?

4. Trying to second guess?

5. Trying to finish their sentence?

6. Putting words in their mouth?

Listen - seeking to understand and being objective 

Listening is an Art - Develop It - Perfect It 

For FREE today: The talking part of communication - Timing is important - “Slow to speak” 

Purposed favor Definition: 

Joshua 1:8 

Psalm 91:9-10 

Deuteronomy 28:13 Romans 10:9 

Ruth 2:10 

Five principles so far: 

1. The value of loyalty 

2. Pursuit of the right direction 

3. Obedience, even in uncertainties 

4. The value of being a good listener 

5. Purposed favor

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