The Book of Ruth Part 1

Series: Wisdom from a Little Lady - A Study of the Book of Ruth

October 29, 2017
Pastor Steve Schulze

Wisdom from a Little Lady - A Study of the Book of Ruth

Episode Notes

Sunday, October 29, 2017 Part 1
The Book of Ruth - young woman from Moab - great grandmother of David - ancestral line of Jesus - timing: during the time of the Judges - period of religious and moral decay along with disunity and foreign oppression

Relevance: Importance of faithful love in human relationship among God’s people

The Book of Ruth: Four chapters equaling 95 verses, but power packed with wisdom

Key Verse: Ruth 3:5 “I will do whatever you say”

Today - Three Liberating Principles
1. The value of loyalty
2. The pursuit of the right direction
3. Obedience, even in uncertainties

Text: Ruth 1:1-18

The Value of Loyalty definition =
God is LOYAL to Us!
How LOYAL am I to God?
John Chapter 15
Ruth 1:16 “Your people will be my people and your God will be my God”
JOY - Jesus Others You

The Pursuit of the Right Direction
Ruth 1:14
Do you always know the right direction to go?
Psalm 32:8

Obedience, Even In Uncertainties
Ruth 1:17
Romans 8:35-39

Loyalty to Him is a MUST!
Pursuing the Right Direction from Him!
Obedience, even in uncertainties

Lord, what should I do? He says…”I know!”

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