Kingdom Warriors Part 8

Series: Kingdom Warriors

April 22, 2018
Pastor Steve Schulze

Join us for our new series titles "Kingdom Warriors" We learn the MISSION of being a Kingdom Warrior The IDENTITY of being a Kingdom Warrior and the CONFIRMATION that YES you CAN BE a KINGDOM WARRIOR! The Kingdom Warrior’s Prayer Heavenly Father, as a Kingdom Warrior, my desire is to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in my life, destroying the works of the devil. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have a clear understanding of who I am in Christ. My identity dictates the authority and power you have given me. As a Kingdom Warrior, I cannot carry out the plays without the Spirit of God moving through me. Holy Spirit come, fill me with your power, equipping me for battle. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have a renewed mind, like the mind of Christ. As a Kingdom Warrior, I will always speak life to everyone I meet. As a Kingdom Warrior, I am led by you and want to do just what you want me to do. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have the authority of God to break chains in people’s lives. AMEN!

Episode Notes

Sunday, April 22, 2018 “The Eyes & Hands of a Warrior!” Part 8

Do you really know what you have?

Text: Luke 13:10-17

Luke 13 Model:

Luke 13:10-11 - the situation observed

Luke 13:12-13 - the seeing & the doing (laid hands on)

Luke 13:14-17 - All Glory to God!

We can use the eyes God gave us to recognize the works of the enemy in the lives of others, and our hands as He does His healing through us. The end result: ALL GLORY TO GOD.!

Luke Chapter 4 - Jesus was...full of the Spirit...led by the Spirit...walked in the power of the Spirit.

Scriptural Examples: 

Matthew 9:35 - sickness & disease healed 

Mark 8:22-25 - blindness healed 

Mark 9:14-29 - casting out demons 

Mark 7:31-36 - deafness & inability to speak 

Matthew 8:5-13 - paralyzation healed 

John 4:4-10 - racial diversity 

Judges 13:2-3 - infertility healed 

John 11:38-44 - Lazarus raised from the dead 

Mark 2:15-17 - broken relationships with God healed 


#1 Has eyes that see healing &/or kindgom restoration opportunities 

#2 Extends hands that carry the healing power of God 

#3 Gives prophetic declarations of life & healing

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