Kingdom Warriors Part 6

Series: Kingdom Warriors

April 08, 2018
Pastor Steve Schulze

Join us for our new series titles "Kingdom Warriors" We learn the MISSION of being a Kingdom Warrior The IDENTITY of being a Kingdom Warrior and the CONFIRMATION that YES you CAN BE a KINGDOM WARRIOR! The Kingdom Warrior’s Prayer Heavenly Father, as a Kingdom Warrior, my desire is to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in my life, destroying the works of the devil. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have a clear understanding of who I am in Christ. My identity dictates the authority and power you have given me. As a Kingdom Warrior, I cannot carry out the plays without the Spirit of God moving through me. Holy Spirit come, fill me with your power, equipping me for battle. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have a renewed mind, like the mind of Christ. As a Kingdom Warrior, I will always speak life to everyone I meet. As a Kingdom Warrior, I am led by you and want to do just what you want me to do. As a Kingdom Warrior, I have the authority of God to break chains in people’s lives. AMEN!

Episode Notes

Sunday, April 8, 2018 “Unlikely Heroes?” Part 6

A Kingdom Warrior! Really? Me? I could never be a Kingdom Warrior.

Remember, somebody (your enemy) doesn’t want you to be. Don’t buy into his lies. Don’t disqualify yourself.

There is HOPE for all of us!

Text Today: 2 Kings 7:3-11

1. A Kingdom Warrior recognizes that he has nothing to lose. Verse 5

Verses 6-8

Your desired outcome? HIS desired outcome?


Verses 9-11 

2. Kingdom Warriors share the goodness! Luke 6:38 

Kingdom Warriors recognize they have nothing to lose and they share the Goodness of God with others.  

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