Is God really Good ALL the time? Part 9

Series: Is God Really Good ALL The Time?

August 13, 2017
Pastor Steve Schulze

Is God Really Good ALL The Time? Through this summer series we will study Psalms 23 and learn about God's Goodness ALL the time!

Episode Notes

Sunday, August 13, 2017 Is God Really Good All the Time? - Part 9

“Living An Anointed Life”

“You anoint my head with oil.” Psalm 23:5

What does it mean to be anointed? -Anointed by God (Internal)

-Anointed by people (External)

In the Bible: oil is often used as a symbol of God’s approval, presence, blessing, power, comfort, healing, joy, favor, prosperity and authority

Facts about God’s anointing

1. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 Acts 1:8

2. God’s Anointing 1 Samuel 10:1+6-7

3. God’s Anointing Ephesians 3:16 NLT Philippians 4:13 NLT

4. God’s Anointing Luke 18:27 NLT Ephesians 3:20 NCV

5. God Anoints My Life Isaiah 61:1-3 TLB 

6. For Every New Challenge Hosea 10:12 TEV James 4:2 NIV Psalm 84:11 

Practical areas where His anointing makes a difference: business, home life, physical health - 

Business: “Because the Lord was with Joseph, he was greatly that everything he did succeeded.” Genesis 39:2 TLB 

“A generous man will prosper, and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 NIV 

Home Life: Proverbs 3:33 Isaiah 32:17-18 

Physical Health: Mark 6:13 

“If you are sick, ask your church leaders to pray for you and anoint you with oil in the name of the Lord. And the Prayer that is offered in faith with bring healing and the Lord will restore your health. And if you have sinned, you will be forgiven. So, admit your sins to each other, and pray for each other so that you will be healed. The prayer of a godly person is powerful and effective.” James 5:14-16 GW 

The Lord is My Shepherd, I have everything I need. You My Lord, anoint my head with oil!

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