Waiting... | James 5:7-12

Series: James

October 25, 2020
Pastor Joshua Lim

We hate waiting and we're terrible at waiting. But far from being a passive activity, waiting requires active intentionality. And here, James points out that we can faithfully wait by looking forward to Christ's return, by looking towards one another with kindness, by looking back at God's faithfulness, and by looking to hold on to our integrity. In this tough season of waiting, may we wait well!

Episode Notes

  • 1. Look forward to Christ's return
  • James 5:7-8
  • 2. Look towards one another with kindness
  • James 5:9
  • 3. Look back at God's faithfulness
  • James 5:10-11
  • Job 1:20-22
  • 4. Look to maintain your integrity
  • James 5:12

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