The Requirement for God’s Call

Series: 1 - 2 Samuel

August 18, 2019
Pastor Joshua Lim

David has been called by God to be king, but David remains on the run from Saul. However, David’s biggest problem is not the Saul that is chasing after him, but David’s biggest problem is the Saul that is lurking within him. Yes, David has received God’s call to be king, but even more than that, David needs God’s character to be king. Kingdom citizens are to pursue after God’s call on their lives by pursuing after godly character. God’s call requires godly character. And if God has called you to it, he will prepare you for it.

Episode Notes

  • God's call requires God's character
  • 1 Samuel 25:2-8
  • 1 Samuel 25:10-11
  • 1 Samuel 25:21-22
  • 1. Recognize the folly of bad character
  • 1 Samuel 25:25-26
  • 2. Trust in God's promises and follow God's way
  • 1 Samuel 25:28-29
  • 3. Live with a clear conscience
  • 1 Samuel 25:30-31
  • 1 Samuel 25:32-33
  • Humbly receive correction
  • Pursue after godly character in your pursuit of God's calling
  • Trust in God's timing and preparation

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