The Kingdom Life

Series: 1 - 2 Samuel

November 24, 2019
Pastor Joshua Lim

As we close our 1-2 Samuel series, we see that in the end, David is successful as Israel’s king, not because he is great, but because he knows the One who is truly great. For all of his flaws and mistakes, David consistently comes back to this central truth that the true King is Yahweh. The key to successfully living the Kingdom Life is found in living for the King.

Episode Notes

  • 2 Samuel 24:1
  • 2 Samuel 24:2
  • The greatest threat to living the Kingdom Life is losing sight of the King.
  • 2 Samuel 24:10
  • 2 Samuel 24:13
  • We find true life in God's Kingdom by living in submission to the true King.
  • 2 Samuel 24:14
  • 2 Samuel 24:18-19

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