The Healing of Lament | Lamentations 3:1-66

Series: Lamentations

February 06, 2022
Pastor Daniel Lee

Chapter 3 is the middle chapter of the book of Lamentations and it continues the lament in a much more personal tone. And in the middle of chapter 3, the author begins to realize the ultimate truth that begins to give him hope in the midst of all the despair, doubt, and chaos. The structure of the book seems to culminate and climax to this point in the middle of chapter 3 as if to remind the reader that all lament is meant to bring you to this point. In the middle of chapter 3, the author understands and realizes the steadfast love of the Lord, his unending mercies, and his great faithfulness. He will not cast off forever. In all our laments, we must eventually come to know these truths. And we have even greater hope knowing because we are in Christ and that he took upon the judgment and wrath that we rightly deserved.

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