The God of Justice | Habakkuk 2:2-2:20

Series: Habakkuk

December 20, 2020
Pastor Daniel Lee

As we saw with the problem of evil last week, we will see that God is actually the God of justice and judgment. He declares that he will bring judgment on the Chaldeans (Babylonians) after using them for his sovereign purpose and declares a series of "woes" upon them. But in this, we see that because God is a God of justice, the Israelites and ultimately, even us, are also under judgment. We are not much different. The problem of evil is not a problem with God, it's our problem. And so, the call is for the righteous to live by faith in God. To trust in his sovereign purposes. To be in awe of his mercy and long suffering. And for us to realize that we escape judgment by putting our faith in the work of God's son.

Episode Notes

  • The Glory of God's Justice
    • Woe to the oppressor
    • Hab. 2:6-8
    • Woe to the greedy and arrogant
    • Hab. 2:9-11
    • Woe to those who gain from bloodshed
    • Hab. 2:12-14
    • Woe to the drunk and violent
    • Hab. 2:15-17
    • Woe to the idolaters
    • Hab. 2:18-20
  • The Problem of God's Justice
  • Respond to God's Justice with Faith
    1. Trust in God's Providence
      • Hab. 2:14
    2. Remain in Humble Surrender
      • Hab. 2:20
    3. Respond with Enduring Faith
      • Hab. 2:4
      • Hebrews 10:36-39

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