Social Media

Series: Summer Seminars 2018

June 29, 2018
Pastor Timothy Lee

We'll be looking at #SocialMedia - how it impacts our lives as well as how we can use it wisely for God's Kingdom.

Episode Notes

Social media is a web-based communication tool that enables people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.

Dangers of Social Media:
  1. Creates lonelier people (08:05)
  2. Fuels higher rates of depression (11:56)
  3. Increases stress (16:30)
  4. Builds a thirst for convenience (19:15)
  1. Be different (24:58)
  2. Check your heart (26:47)
    • Does this need to be shared?
    • Will it benefit those who hear/read/see?
    • Can I speak with kindness?
  3. Set limits (33:22)
  4. Consider fasting (36:03)
  5. Use it to build relationships and community (39:39)
  6. Invest in the life of the youth (42:58)

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