Navigating Trials│James 1:12-18

Series: James

August 16, 2020
Pastor Joshua Lim

While everyone goes through trials in life, not everyone grows through those trials. Here in our passage, James shows how we can better navigate our trials so that they don't morph into destructive temptations. If we want to come out the other side better rather than bitter, we need to guard our hearts and we need to guide our eyes.

Episode Notes

  • 1. Guard Your Heart
  • James 1:12-15
  • 1a. Be aware of sinful desires
  • 1b. Build safeguards to prevent sinful actions
  • 1c. Seek accountability to avoid sins' dead-end
  • 2. Guide Your Eyes
  • James 1:16-18
  • 2a. The goodness of God
  • “Divine goodness is the overflowing bounty of God by which he who receives nothing and lacks nothing communicates blessing to his creation and to his creatures.” (Kevin DeYoung)
  • 2b. The fatherhood of God
  • 2c. The immutability of God

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