Humility: The Cure for Worldliness | James 4:1-12

Series: James

September 27, 2020
Pastor Daniel Lee

Building off of last week's teaching, James continues to point out marks of an inconsistent life that are oppositions to a thriving community. In this passage, James is calling for repentance over the quarrels, conflicts, and slander plaguing their communities caused by double-mindedness and a divided heart. He then exhorts his readers to humble themselves and turn away from all worldliness, selfishness, and fleshly desires. Ultimately, we see James teaching that a thriving community is built by thriving people who humbly follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

Episode Notes

  • The disease is worldliness that leads to prideful self-exaltation
  • Worldliness leads to sinful passions
    • James 4:1-3
    • James 1:14-15
  • Worldliness leads to sinful judgments
    • James 4:11-12
  • Worldliness is to be in opposition to God
    • James 4:4-5
  • The cure is humility that leads to God's exaltation
  • Humility leads to empowered submission
    • James 4:6-7
    • "Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil's reach as humility" - Jonathan Edwards
  • Humility leads to restored intimacy
    • James 4:8-10
  • Examine your passions
  • Examine your relationships
  • Humble yourself daily before the Lord

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