Hearing and Doing God's Word│James 1:19-27

Series: James

August 23, 2020
Pastor Joshua Lim

The Word of God is indispensable to a thriving life. And yet, we often treat God’s Word as either optional or a boring obligation. Rather than dismissing God's Word, how can we rightly engage with God’s Word? James calls us to rightly engage with God's Word by hearing God's Word and by doing God's Word.

Episode Notes

  • 1. Hear the Word of God
  • James 1:19-21
  • 1a. Hearing God's Word requires letting God speak
  • 1b. Hearing God's Word requires humble repentance and faith
  • 2. Do the Word of God
  • James 1:22-25
  • 2a. Doing God's Word completes hearing God's Word
  • 2b. Doing God's Word brings the blessing of freedom
  • James 1:26-27
  • Litmus Test #1: Words
  • Litmus Test #2: Social Justice
  • Litmus Test #3: Personal Holiness

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