Faith & Works

Series: Summer Seminars 2018

June 22, 2018
Panel (Sarah Sung, John Kim, Jennifer Lim)

How does the Christian faith affect how we approach our earthly profession? How does being a Christian shape how we live in the workplace? We will be hearing the answer to questions like these from three of our very own FC members: Jennifer Kim (Law), John Kim (Education), Sarah Sung (Real Estate).

Episode Notes

01:20 - Biblical  framework for understanding "Work"
07:02 - Introduction of the Panel

09:53 - How did you end up choosing your profession and how did your faith affect your decision?
17:49 - Were there any setbacks, difficulties or disappoints along the road? How did your faith help you navigate through those times?
32:33 - What are some unique challenges of being a Christian in the workplace of your profession? How has your faith helped you overcome these challenges?
44:58 - How does your faith affect how you interact with your co-workers?

54:04 - Q&A

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